Questionable Investments To Watchout in 2016

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Would you believe me if I told you that I want to sell you a bungalow for RM 99,000? Very cheap right? But there are a few rules you need to abide to. I can't tell you a few things because its a rahsia syarikat. I can't tell you:

1. The exact location of the plot of land
2. The land title of the bungalow lot
3. The dimensions of the bungalow

It's not your business to know whether my company have obtained the necessary licences from the authorities to develop and sell a property. You can buy this bungalow in cash. If you don't have cash, don't bother applying for a home loan. Buat apa hutang berpuluh tahun lama?! Apply for PERSONAL LOAN sudah! Short je the duration. Don't worry about your money, it's in safe hands with our highly religious board members.


Would you believe me if I told you that you can get a GUARANTEED return of investment (ROI) of 200% in just FOUR MONTHS? All you have to do is join my JALAN RAYA program. Its just a Koperasi. There is practically NO RISK AT ALL. Don't worry if it's not registered with Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia. Later on ada la tu. At least its not on Bank Negara Malaysia's blacklist.


Would you believe me if I told you that price of gold will reach RM 500 per GRAM in the year 2020? What are you waiting for? Go get yourself a personal loan of RM 100,000 for 10 years and buy all the gold you can get from ME. That's almost a guarantee of ROI 200% in FOUR YEARS! Don't believe me? I'll get my mother's uncle's upline to explain the details.


"Bro, let's go Mamak tonight? So long haven't met you."

You suddenly receive a call from a long lost school mate whom you were never close with at all.
Would you believe him?

You arrive at the Mamak stall and he has all his other friends with matching suits and displaying their BMW, Mercedes Benz and Audi car keys on the table.

"Bro, I have a business opportunity Bro. No need to find people and all that stuff. Just invest RM 5,000 and you just sit back. Every month duit masyooook. Just let other people use this card to buy every day items." said your 'good' friend.

"If you don't have money, don't worry. You kan kerja gomen. Easy to get personal loan. You pay bank RM 450 per month but you get back RM 650 wor!" his hipster friend interrupted before you can say "aku takde duit". 

Want to believe or not?


These are some examples of questionable 'investments' that have been making some headway recently. In times of economic uncertainties, there will always be some parties who will take advantage of the greed of others. The greed for money. There are always people looking for get rich schemes. Somehow, people still never learn from the past. Remember Pak Man Telo, Pegasus, Swiss Cash and Utoken? Where are they now?

1. Property

In the first example, quite a number of investor wannabes have fallen victim to this type of scam. Of course, who doesn't want a bungalow for RM 99,000?! Imagine signing an agreement of sales and purchase without knowing exactly WHERE the location of the house and even the specifications. It's like saying;

I'll buy a BRAND NEW car for RM 3,000 but I don't know the brand, the size or engine capacity.

2. Investment fund

If the return of investment is too good to be true, it is most likely a SCAM. Imagine investing in a company with no known background. You don't know who the shareholders are. You don't know what assets they have. And you don't know what product or service they sell. The only question is:

How do you get investment returns if there is no business involved?

You can't just continue look for people and cannibalize the registration fees of new members. At one point, it will collapse.

3. Gold

Gold is undeniably an asset. It is something you hold as a hedge against inflation (as most people say). I can't talk much about gold as I don't invest in gold but how can someone just come up with a guarantee that gold prices will shoot up by 2020? Has anyone seen the trend of gold prices for the past few years?

Plus, it is never a great idea to use a personal loan to invest in something. Especially when that investment vehicle is volatile.

4. Multilevel Marketing

This is actually  a grey area. I dare not say that every MLM scheme is a scam or a rip off. But I'm sure most guys can understand the feeling of being forced to attend this so called teh tarik session with up lines. What ever it is, DON'T EVER be forced to apply for a personal loan to enter these MLM schemes. If it is truly a good business, it will grow organically. Uplines shouldn't be forcing you to find other new members to get commissions.

New Year

As we enter 2016, let's rid ourselves of all these get rich schemes and questionable investments. 2016 will be a very challenging year; a continuation of 2015. Those with an eagle eye for opportunities will continue to seek for good investments at cheap prices, while others will need to adjust their spending habits to suit the cost of living. I suggest my readers to strengthen their emergency fund reserves.

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