Investors You Should Run Away From

4:06 PM

Have you ever had something like this appear in your private message or Facebook wall?

Or sometimes they would show stacks of money that they "receive" from their "investments".

Petrol heads would be fast to note that the first picture is full of faults. Its OK for someone to find it hard to differentiate between a Proton Inspira and Mitsubishi Lancer, but CRZ and GTR are worlds apart (see the difference).

A friend of mine recently ranted about how his friend introduced to him to an MLM scheme. And when he refused, the other guy told my friend off for being 'too comfortable with what he has"...well the exact word is kufur nikmat. What's crazier is the MLM guy asked my friend to take a bank loan to get into the scheme. I have to give a pat on the back to this friend of mine. He made the right choice.

In any investment, you should understand what you are getting into.

1. Know how the money rolls.
2. Where does the money come from?
3. Is it a pyramid scheme where the one on top gets money collected from the new recruits?
4. Is the scheme approved by Bank Negara Malaysia?

Bank Negara Malaysia has a watch list of websites and companies operating dubiously. Do download their list at Bank Negara Malaysia' Financial Consumer Alert.

That's the general guide to investment. But I have a few more should be considered.

1. Display their big expensive cars as bait.

If you have not known by now, cars are liabilities. Its price will depreciate the moment it gets out of the showroom. Unless you can get your hands on a rare Aston Martin Lagonda, you are NOT making a sound investment. Setakat a Nissan GT-R tak payah nak bangga sangat kot. By the way, you do know that you can rent these luxury cars to show off for a day right?

2. 100% GUARANTEED returns in ONE MONTH

What kind of investment can bring you 100% return of investment? The SCAM kind of investment. Most investments revolves around creating a business.Can a business guarantee a sustained guaranteed profit? When you invest, you are putting money in to share BOTH profit and losses. Even an ROI of 30% in a month is considered very high. However, in equities that may not be impossible. Some counters can give returns of up to 150% in a month...but NEVER guaranteed!

3. Extreme views on racial and religious issues.

"Kita tak boleh kasi orang XXXX untung. Kena support orang kita"

"Rockefellar Zionis (fill in expletives) tak suka orang kita buat macam ni. Tu sebab Bank Negara Malaysia tak nak lulus bisnes kite ni"

You get the drift right? If you really are into investment and businesses, you aim is to penetrate all the markets. If it is good for a particular race, then it should benefit everyone else right? With the (halal) money gained, you can use it for the benefit of your community.

 So, be careful! Don't trust everything they throw at you. Think first before parting with your money. 

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