Beyond The Floods

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BANJIR 2014. The flood waters may have receded but the road to recovery has only begin. It would be difficult to determine how long life will return to normal for the folks affected by the floods. However, some fellow Malaysians are still facing hardships in the states of Sabah and Sarawak. The weather is still unpredictable. What's worse, access to some areas in the interior districts of Sabah and Sarawak was never good to begin with. I have yet to receive any news on how things are over in Sabah & Sarawak but I do wish them the best. We are separated by the South China Seas, but we are MALAYSIANS.

The kind brothers and sisters of IMARET managed to identify a few families in Perak and Kelantan in dire need of help via their initiative; BEYOND THE FLOODS. These initiatives are aimed to directly help those in need by giving the what they need. This effort is to complement the efforts by 
the Malaysian government. 

These are my version of Dr Yahya's and Dr Munawar's own Facebook pages in order to generate a wider audience. Hopefully it does not get lost in translation. Do inform me if there are any issues in my attempt to translate it into English.

Location: PPRT Kampung Sejagob, Kota Setia, Perak

During Dr Yusuf's visit to the village, he encountered Hidayah and her three sisters; 4 orphan children. With the help of some school teachers, he managed to visit them at their home. They have been orphans for the last 2 years living in a simple orange house. They live next to their uncle who has been guardian all these while. However, their uncle is also not so well off.

Dr Munawwar Helmi; Home For Pak Brahim

Location: Dabong, Kelantan

While visiting the area, Dr Munawwar was asked to visit Pak Brahim at his house. Pak Brahim lives in a dilapidated house. He rents the house for RM 60 per month...without any electricity. Pak Brahim is 70 years old and is recovering from stroke. He has no fixed income. Yet, he has to take care of 4 grandchildren.

These are the plight of these two families. I suggest you go trough their Facebook pages (if you understand Bahasa Malaysia) to get a better feel of their plight. I don't seem to be doing so well in translating.

Funds can be directly banked into IMAM's Maybank account:

Persatuan Perubatan Islam Malaysia: 562834623415

Label as #4AnakKita or Home4PakBrahim and send the transaction slip to

Let's help our fellow Malaysians.

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