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In April 2014, I wrote about how my credit card was charged for something that I did not even consent to (Dispute in Credit Card Transaction). I did not receive any phone call or letter. I just happened to go trough my credit card transactions (I go through it 2 to 3 times a week) and a suspicious transaction of RM 599 by TOWER LIFESTYLE.

Fortunately, the nice people at Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan (KPDNKK), Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and Maybank manage to get my money back within 2 weeks. Maybank even waived the fees for my credit card replacement. Kudos to the staff!

Recently I received another a call another SCAMMER. I was conned once by this company and I thought that was the end of it. This time around I am more prepared.

Back in 2010, I was a gullible person. Very naive about all these financing mumbo jumbo. I just started working and I received my backdated paycheck after 3 months of working like a dog. What does a budak hingusan do with RM 9000? Get a credit card, splurge on a vacation, get a large LCD TV......and forget EVERYTHING about saving for a rainy day or any sort of investment. Yup, that was me. RM 9000 gone in just a few weeks. When I received my credit card, I suddenly had all sorts of people calling me. Most of them were plain nonsense and I just rejected them straight away. But this particular company was very cunning; LinkClub.

"Hi, I'm calling from Visa Center. You have been chosen as a lucky customer to receive a travel package I am calling to verify your name and account so that we can send you a package. The package contains free flight tickets, offer for hotels bla...bla...bla. You will receive all these for a lifetime fee of RM 499. Let me verify your credit card number and the 3 digits at the back of your card."

Boy, was I DUMB. I gave all the stuff they wanted and what did I get? I was RM 499 poorer. And the discounts weren't really discounts too. for the past 4 years I just put everything about LinkClub behind me. It was my fault for being such an ignorant. There was no one else to blame but me.

I just when I thought it was all over, someone from LinkClub called me last week.

"Hi I'm calling from LinkClub. It seems here that you haven't been actively using your membership card. I am here to inform that in order for you to continue using your card we will be charging RM 599 annually straight to your credit card."

I thought the initial RM 499 was LIFETIME membership, I asked. I politely asked her to give me time to check the previous terms and condition. The caller replied:

"Ok sir. But if you do not pick up the phone when I call tomorrow we will automatically charge your credit card."

Well, I did just that. Each time the same number called me, I will just cancel it. Charge lah! ....I already changed my credit card, so you won't get a sen!

Just out of curiosity I browsed through the net to find out more about LinkClub. The website was out of order ( and the Facebook page was inactive.

Nothing much on the page

Someone posted on its FB page in May
It's strange, no one updated the Facebook page since May 2014 but a telemarketer called me in September to ask me to pay for a suspicious service. Well, nice try. Next time, don't trust these telemarketers so much. And never, NEVER reveal your credit card number, security code and PIN to anyone over the phone or online. If they insist on it is probably a scam and just contact Bank Negara Malaysia, KPDNKK and your bank to get verification of a service.


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  1. Same thing happen to me. Scammers! They asked for $300++ to terminate the service which i never use. I also told them about the lifetime membership, but they said i miss understood the t & c. I've changed my credit card and already terminated the old credit card.


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